Sacred Kratom vendor review

Sacred is one of the best online vendors to purchase high-quality kratom it is located in the city of Irvine, California, and has only been around since 2013. Having been functional since then, they aim at providing their customers with the high-grade product. They ensure that each customer gets the product they are looking for as they have a great time purchasing.


All their products are natural, have been tested to ensure that they are safe for human use and also that their customers get the best products according to their needs. Their website deals only with certified products. Sacred kratom deals with different types of kratom strains that produce different actions. Some of the kratom strains they sell include Bali strain, Green vein kratom from Malaysian, white vein kratom, Red vein kratom both from Borneo and Bentuangie.You can visit their site to view the images of the kratom they offer and the prices of each of the powders above.


The costs of all the products are very customer friendly. The prices start from as low $9.99 for Bali kratom strain. This is to ensure that each customer is taken care of and also to make the products are available to a wide range of people. One can buy from as low as 1oz while the highest amount that one can buy is 1lb. They also offer brief information about the product, with an alternative kratom so that one can choose according to their preference.


All orders will be shipped within 24 hours of the order placement. Domestic orders are delivered the same day through USPS when the address is valid. For international orders, they take about 7-14 business days for their delivery. They also offer free shipping for international orders of $ 300, for domestic orders $100.While other extra-legal charges are to be paid by the customer. Every order has a tracking code which enables customers to track their orders online.


Currently most of the countries can freely purchase the product however its sale is not Permitted in countries like Australia, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Russia, South Korea, Romania, Burma, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia and states like Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Rhodes island and also in San Diego, Sarasota, Jerseyville but the managing team is working on this soon they will be selling in the above countries.

Payment Options

They accept pay through Master Card, Visa, Delta, Maestro, Paypal and also in other currencies such as U.S, New Zealand and Australia dollar and Euro. They will also allow the digital payment along with other payment methods. They also ensure that the customer’s connection to their website, their credit card information is well secured with encrypted 128-bit encryption.

Customer Care Services

They offer excellent customer care services, in case of any inquiry or any other questions you can contact them through their email or their social media accounts. They also offer adequate information about their products on their home page. This has helped them get positive reviews about their products.