Can you smoke Kratom powder; what are the possible effects?

Kratom is a un addict able drug. It is very popular among the people as it has wonderful effects on our health. It is regarded as a perfect pain killer. It is used to freshen up our spoiled mood. It gives us more energy and helps us to concentrate and focus. Kratom can be taken in by different ways. Some like to take it indirectly through the mouth. There are also some people who take it in by mixing it with tea or adding it in their food. Others use it in the form of capsules as a source of Vitamins. Another way to intake kratom is smoking its powder. It is still not sure that either people are using this way or not?

Smoking a kratom powder:

Till now it has not been confirmed that this way of in taking kratom is to cast – off or not. A treatise that was issued in December 2017 expressed that Kratom is being used by smoking its powder. The treatise also stated that it is not a fashion in the western part of the world to take in kratom by smoking it. The main reason is that when the powder is smoke, the nutrients are affected and it becomes less effective and does not fulfill our demands.


The dosage of Kratoms is not specified. 3 – 4 grams of Kratom is enough for an individual. Experiments and study has shown that this enough amount of kratom using by other ways of ingestion is not enough for smoking a kratom. Almost 20 – 25 grams of Kratom is needed to smoke a kratom powder to get affected by it.

Benefits of Smoking a Kratom:

Smoking a kratom may gift us with the following benefits:

  • The best benefit of smoking a kratom is that it helps the addicted person to get rid of drugs if they want. If an addict person switch to smoking a kratom then he will be able to vacate his smoking habits because it is a un addict able drug.
  • It helps to reduce any kind of pain
  • It is best to blunt anxiety and depression

Disadvantages of Kratom:

There is no doubt in it that If we are smoking a kratom than we have to face the following snag:

  • This way to using a kratom is a bit expensive as compared to the other ways. The reason is that more amount of kratom powder is needed in it to get its effects.
  • This way of using a kratom is proved as less effective way. Studies have proved that when the powder of kratom is smoked, the nutrients of the powder are diminished.
  • Smoking a kratom can cause health problems as well. The reason is the presence of tar in the leaves of a kratom. If we smoke a kratom, the tar directly goes into our body and affects our lungs. It increases the risk of cancer. It also causes respiratory disorders. It may also result in asthma.
  • Overdose of it may lead to the death of a person.


As the effects and disadvantages of smoking, the powder has been discussed above it is recommended to the users to avoid this way of using a kratom. Other ways are easier and give us more positive effects than smoking its powder.